There’s something rather magical about knitting, isn’t there?

Think about it: you start with something as simple as a ball of yarn and some knitting needles. Doesn’t seem very promising at first, does it?

But thanks to the skill and imagination of the knitter, you end up with a beautiful and intricately woven sweater, scarf or mittens, or booties for a baby. Or even a knit-covered bicycle. All made with great care and lots of love.

Did you know that God is a knitter, too?

It’s true! In Psalm 139:13 David says that God “knitted me together in my mother’s womb.”

A few verses later David says that God watched as he was “intricately woven” in the darkness of the womb.

David declares: “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

And so he was, by the “Master Knitter,” so to speak. But Scripture indicates that God enjoys other types of handicrafts as well, as we’ll learn.

Perhaps you do, too. You may not be a knitter, but maybe you like paper crafts, or pottery, or quilting, or making jewellery. There’s no end to the creative ways we can use our hands to make something useful and beautiful.

God seems to love using His hands to create spectacular things, too. Think of the beauty and majesty of the starry night sky, dotted with the moon and planets. Scripture tells us this was God’s doing:

Psalm 8:3 tells us that the heavens are the work of God’s fingers.

Psalm 19:1 says that the sky or firmament shows God’s handiwork.

But if you’d like to see one of God’s masterpieces up close, you don’t need a telescope. Just look in the mirror.

“We are the clay, and you are the potter.
We are all formed by your hand.” (Isaiah 64:8)

You were made by an extremely skilled Craftsman, who fashioned you with imagination, great care, but above all, with immense love.

There’s something rather magical about that, isn’t there?

© 2019 Lori J. Cartmell

3 thoughts on “Knit One, Purl One

  1. Hi Lori,

    I just finished reading all of your blogs. You are a writer indeed! I don’t think this is a small beginning at all. You are not green. Your colours are showing. This is a catapult and I am excited to watch where this takes you. I am starting to see why God made you a walking encyclopedia. These writings are a work of art. Produced only by someone who is also the work of a Master Craftsman. The giver of life who gave his life.

    You go girl! See you Wednesday.



    1. Hi, Rhonda!

      Thank you so very much for your encouraging words! Your lovely comments have given me a real boost. It really means the world to me to have the support of someone like yourself whom I admire and respect.

      I’m also excited to see where God takes this blog, and I’m grateful that He’s given me the opportunity to reach others through this medium with the news of His love.

      Thanks again, Rhonda, for taking the time to leave a comment. You’re most kind!



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