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Ever had a time when all your plans were upended?

Joseph certainly did.

The man who would become the earthly father of Jesus probably had his life all mapped out.

He thought he’d get married to Mary, settle in Nazareth with her, have a posse of kids, and build his business. He could probably foresee how his life would unfold over the ensuing decades.

But then God stepped in.

First Joseph had to deal with the jaw-dropping news that an angel told Mary that she would bear the Messiah. Joseph was told by a divine messenger to go ahead with the marriage, despite tongues wagging in town about his being cuckolded by some other man. No doubt Joseph hadn’t figured his married life would start out this way.

Then the couple had to travel to Bethlehem to be counted in a census. While there, Mary delivered her child in a stable. Joseph certainly never thought this was how a child of his would be born.

The next thing you know, the young family had to flee to Egypt to escape those who wanted to murder Jesus. I’m sure Joseph hadn’t banked on having to travel to a foreign country to evade capture by the authorities.

At every turn, Joseph’s life and plans were upended.

And yet he’s something of a hero in the Christmas story, albeit an unsung one.

Joseph faithfully and obediently allowed God to override his plans so that he could be fit into a much greater plan: that of seeing the Messiah brought safely into the world.

Maybe God wants to do the same with your life.

Perhaps God will set aside some of your cherished plans to weave you into a more important mission: that of advancing His Kingdom.

As believers we need to accept that we aren’t the star of the show. We’re supporting players in God’s great drama of redemption. And God wants each of us to play a role in that.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Joseph was obedient when his plans were upended; when he didn’t understand what was going on; when he couldn’t see the big picture. He served and obeyed despite his questions and confusion.

Maybe we need to do the same. We need to realize that our personal goals and plans aren’t the main storyline.

As Max Lucado puts it: “Like Joseph, your task is to see Jesus brought into your part of your world.”

When we do that, we become unsung heroes in God’s story, too!

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